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“Kama Sutra & Tantra” I wonder what title of this book will be.

Now, although it is a book of Tantra and Kama Sutra that I am writing in Japanese and translating into English, I put a lot of CG images of sexual posture.

All posture is made into CG. However, since there are many mistakes in the English version of “Kama Sutra” that I refer to, I translate it back from Sanskrit.
It seems to be finished in a very practical book.

Currently I am worried about what to name the title.

私が日本語で書いて英語に翻訳しているタントラとカーマスートラ の本ですが、私は体位のCG画像をたくさん入れました。すべての体位がCGになります。

It is the “prologue” of the book I am writing now.

Currently I am writing a book called “Secret of Tantra”. The Japanese version is complete, so I translate English. I am poor English, so please forgive me for mistakes.

# Introduction #

Does everyone like sex? I love it. It is not an exaggeration to say that I like it abnormally. Not only that I like to have sex, but also like to study. I am fortunate to have that “sex love”, I became AV(Adult Video) director and AV actor, and established up to AV maker.

However, one day suddenly I am tired with making AV.

Or, it is fun to have sex in public, and I think that two men and one woman are good if they are 3P. But I was tired of making AV.

The reason is that women never reach true ecstasy in AV. AV is a play. It is a fantasy for men. It looks like real, but it’s fiction.

I thought. This is not it. The sex I am aiming for is not such a thing. It should be more wonderful. Then, what should we do?

Of course, I am doing a lot of sex. So, by me, it is easy for women to reach ecstasy. Many women who did not know the ecstasy ever gave me the word to thank you for giving me “beautiful ecstasy”.

That’s right. Most women do not know true ecstasy. What does this mean?

It was Tantra that I met at such time. Tantra is the ultimate sex method. And, when I looked at why Tantra was born, in ancient India, sex was a national event, a driving force to stabilize the country, becoming a source of happiness of the common people. Sex was seriously studied as a philosophy to be happy, not mere sex of pleasure, which is summarized in the scripture called Tantra.

Oh, this. What I was looking for!

However, the information of the tantra in japanese was very ambiguous and unknown. No, the information on Tantra seems to be a taboo in many countries, so it seems that neat things are not left in the existing books and information. So I studied Sanskrit language, an ancient Indian language, read many books at the same time as Tantra, and began searching for the secret of Tantra.

Everyday I read books in Sanskrit word every day, because I am out of AV maker. I am happy, but it is a very poverty. My family is a nuisance.

However, I’ve been studying it by betting my life.

This book compiled the information of the tantra that I found out, which I actually checked while trying one by one in sex. And it is also a book that exposes the mystery of “the ultimate ecstasy” that I could taste to everyone.

I can not think Tantra sex is from this material world. However, the tantra is actually an advanced philosophy. Tantra is to unravel its difficult and advanced philosophy with the mystery power of sex.

Let’s introduce the final goal of everyone who reads this book.

If you do tantra sex and understand the meaning of sex, the values ​​of life will change at all. I would like everyone to experience it.

Taro Aoyama

Keio University Law School graduate(1990), writer, script writer, religious researcher. Published many books.
Adult Video director & Actor.